End of term party!

July 11, 2016

Tuesday 19th July 12pm is our end of term party. If your child does not usually attend on a Tuesday afternoon please let a member of staff know that you would like them to attend.

On the notice board is a list of food items, if you could please write your child’s name next to an item you are happy to bring for the party, we would be very grateful.

Many Thanks

Toddle Waddle and Sing Song

July 11, 2016

Due to the weather forecast tomorrow we have made the decision to cancel the Toddle Waddle. This event will not be rescheduled. Please bring your child to Shining Stars for their normal session.

The end of year sing song has now been moved to Wednesday 20th July at 1130. Please come along to see your child sing and take home their learning journeys. If your child does not usually attend Shining Stars on a Wednesday morning please feel free to bring them at 1125 am so they can join in.

Many thanks!

Sports Day

July 7, 2016

Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow morning we are now going to hold sports day in the school hall at 11am. Please meet at Shining Stars at 1050 am and ensure your child is wearing sports kit and trainers.

There will not be a lunch club after sports day so you will be able to take your child home from the school hall.

We look forward to seeing you there!

A busy week ahead!

May 23, 2016

We have lots planned for this week so here are the dates for your diarys!

Tuesday 24th May: Class photographs- if your child does not usally attend this session feel free to bring them along at 9am just for the photo.

Wednesday 25th May: We are going down to the church for stories and songs. We will be leaving Shining Stars at 10.45 am, feel free to join us!

Thursday 26th May:  Thursday afternoon is the school mayday celebrations we will be taking Shining Stars to watch (depending on the weather) Please feel free to join us or if you would like to collect your child early so they can watch their sibling please let us know.

Friday 27th May:  Its fancy dress day! Please bring a donation that we can use at the summer tombola eg wine, chocolates, toiletries, childrens games and books…….

We hope you all have a fab week off and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th June!

Happy Holidays!!!


Church visit

May 11, 2016

We are visiting St Peters Church on Wednesday 25th May leaving Shining Stars at 1050 and would be grateful if some of you could volunteer to walk down with us! Please let us know if you are available!

Many thanks in advance

World Book Day!!!

April 18, 2016

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and shared the books we love.


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World Book Day Reminder!

April 12, 2016

Just a quick note to remind you that on Thursday 14th April we will be celebrating World Book Day at Shining Stars. Please encourage your child to dress up as their favourite book character and bring their favourite book with them!

Please check the blog over the weekend to see our costumes!

Many thanks for your support!


April 12, 2016


Welcome back to the summer term at Shining Stars! we hope that you all have had a lovely break and are looking forward to another term of fun fun fun!!

My apologies for the late post but here are the pictures from our Easter celebration at church!!




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I Love My Mummy Because……….

March 8, 2016

Last week at Shining Stars we spent a lot of time thinking about our Mummy’s! Here is what your children had to say:

I love my Mummy because……

AP “I miss her when I go to pre school”

AM “I love her all the time because I give her a kiss lots and lots and lots”

AB “She cooks with me”

BE “She plays trains with me”

CB “We go to Salcey Forest”

DB ” I love playing and Mummy tidies away”

EH ” She plays with me and my digger outside”

EC ” She lets me climb trees”

EO “She picks me up from nursery”

EK ” She gets my clothes ready”

EH ” Because she cooks dinner”

FM “She makes cakes”

FB “I love her”

GH ” She takes me out”

HE “She’s funny, I love her so much”

HN ” She loves me and does cooking”

HK “I love her”

HB ” I love her so much, she does the washing up and cooking”

HS “She plays with me”

ID “She smiles”

I-MP “I love playing with her”

JD “She does hot chocolate”

JP ” She laughs”

JC “She brings me to school”

JC “I love her”

JM “She does painting”

JB “She plays with me”

JG “I like sleeping in her bed and cuddling her”

KB “I love her”

La T “She’s lovely”

La K “We watch the movies”

Le T “She takes me to peoples houses”

LW “She bought me sparkly shoes”

LM “That’s why I am spoilt”

LIH “She plays on the car mat with me”

LF “She’s at home sometimes”

Lu K “She takes me to Shining Stars and gives me treats everyday”

MA “She does cleaning”

MS “I love her lots and lots and she makes me dinner”

MN “Because I do and she cooks dinner”

MP “I love her”

MR “She lets me go outside and play”

MA ” She goes to the park with me”

MF “She takes me shopping, brings sweeties and juice to make smoothies and cuddles me”

NR “She takes me to the park and plays with me”

OW “Because she gives me kisses”

RR “She gives me nice snacks”

SW “I love her”

SJ “She gives me kisses”

TS “She takes me to school”

TC “She’s beautiful and she unties knot in my balls of string”

ZB “She paints with me”



10 year Anniversary Celebrations!

March 1, 2016

144 (640x480) 146 (640x480) 147 (480x640) 148 (640x480) 149 (640x480) 150 (640x480) 151 (480x640) 152 (480x640) 153 (480x640) 154 (480x640) 155 (480x640) 156 (480x640) 157 (640x480) 158 (480x640) 159 (480x640) 164 (480x640) 165 (480x640) 166 (480x640) 167 (480x640)Thank you so much to all of you who joined us for the schools 10 year anniversary celebrations. We had a lovely and exciting morning!



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