I Love My Mummy Because……….

Last week at Shining Stars we spent a lot of time thinking about our Mummy’s! Here is what your children had to say:

I love my Mummy because……

AP “I miss her when I go to pre school”

AM “I love her all the time because I give her a kiss lots and lots and lots”

AB “She cooks with me”

BE “She plays trains with me”

CB “We go to Salcey Forest”

DB ” I love playing and Mummy tidies away”

EH ” She plays with me and my digger outside”

EC ” She lets me climb trees”

EO “She picks me up from nursery”

EK ” She gets my clothes ready”

EH ” Because she cooks dinner”

FM “She makes cakes”

FB “I love her”

GH ” She takes me out”

HE “She’s funny, I love her so much”

HN ” She loves me and does cooking”

HK “I love her”

HB ” I love her so much, she does the washing up and cooking”

HS “She plays with me”

ID “She smiles”

I-MP “I love playing with her”

JD “She does hot chocolate”

JP ” She laughs”

JC “She brings me to school”

JC “I love her”

JM “She does painting”

JB “She plays with me”

JG “I like sleeping in her bed and cuddling her”

KB “I love her”

La T “She’s lovely”

La K “We watch the movies”

Le T “She takes me to peoples houses”

LW “She bought me sparkly shoes”

LM “That’s why I am spoilt”

LIH “She plays on the car mat with me”

LF “She’s at home sometimes”

Lu K “She takes me to Shining Stars and gives me treats everyday”

MA “She does cleaning”

MS “I love her lots and lots and she makes me dinner”

MN “Because I do and she cooks dinner”

MP “I love her”

MR “She lets me go outside and play”

MA ” She goes to the park with me”

MF “She takes me shopping, brings sweeties and juice to make smoothies and cuddles me”

NR “She takes me to the park and plays with me”

OW “Because she gives me kisses”

RR “She gives me nice snacks”

SW “I love her”

SJ “She gives me kisses”

TS “She takes me to school”

TC “She’s beautiful and she unties knot in my balls of string”

ZB “She paints with me”



8 Responses to “I Love My Mummy Because……….”

  1.   Jo Collins Says:

    What a fab idea! Trust Ellie to choose the important things in life!

  2.   Catherine Kairis Says:

    Lovely to hear what they all think and what they have been up to. EK tells us most things she has been up to and it’s great to see how social she has become.
    Thank you Shining Stars

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