Space, Rockets and Fireworks!!! Whoosh!

At Shining Stars we have spent the last two weeks learning about space, rockets and fireworks. Some children created some fabulous fireworks pictures with glitter,  (Can talk about some of the things they have observed UW) these can be seen on display in Shining Stars.

We used foil and paint to make moon boot prints to hang in Shining Stars, this was an activity the children thoroughly enjoyed, we all got extremely messy, walking with paint on our boots was far more difficult than we had imagined! (Experiments with blocks, colours and marks EAD)








Our home corner became a rocket and we had such fun counting down to blast off (Recites some number names in sequence MD)  then flying to the moon and occasionally Mars.



Some children loved making control panels for their space rockets (Making the most of available resources EAD)






After listening to the story Whatever Next D put the colander on his head and said “I’m going to the moon!” (Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall LD)



This week we will start to look at vehicles and then its straight into Christmas activities and practice practise practise for the Nativity!








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  1.   Sarah Major Says:

    Hello, Can I ask that you add a post with the ‘Grace’ that you say before lunch, Lottie tries to recite it at home, but we are unsure of all the words (We think she makes some of it up) and would like to join in with her.

    Thanks in advance, Sarah (Lotties mummy)

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